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The Rebirth of Singapore LJers

Sinema Old School Presents:

‘An evening with I Am David Sparkle’

Band: I Am David Sparkle
Genre: Indie/Shoegaze/Experimental
Date: 24 Oct 2008, Friday
Time: 8pm-10pm
Price: $15/- (Pre-sale), $18/- (At the door)

Get ready for the first ever music event at Sinema Old School!

The location is intimate, the band is incredible, and its gonna leave you speechless by the time you walk out.

I Am David Sparkle is no stranger to the independent music scene in Singapore and having notched up numerous awards and rave reviews from the press over the years, they are here to prove that instrumental music has its place locally.

Place them in a fresh, exciting, new environment and they will roll you over with their brand of music reminiscent of Explosions In The Sky and many other great acts worldwide.

Catch them before they get too famous, only at Sinema Old School.

Free Entry into Home Club after the event when you present the Sinema ticket stub!

Tickets on sale now! Contact us at 63369707 or email events@sinema.sg to book them.

Awards and Reviews:

Motorola Superstyle Mix 2007 - Best Alternative Act

“Play this in an empty room, let the sounds soothe and calm you before making your head explode.” - Junk Magazine

“The group creates slow-burning soundscapes reminiscent of Explosions in the Sky, Godspeed You Black Emperor and Mogwai’s, but less dramatic… Layers upon layers of guitars create a textual mood that ranks with some of the best post-rock sounds out there.” - IS Magazine, 26 Jan 2007 [Singapore]

“…haunting and utterly unforgettable.” - TODAY, 17 Feb 2007 [Singapore]

Current Location: Sinema Old School
Current Music: Indie, shoegaze, experimental

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Rules laid down on civil society activities during IMF meetings
By Dominique Loh, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 28 July 2006 1910 hrs

Civil society activities will be allowed in Suntec City, the venue of the IMF-World Bank meetings in September.

The Singapore Police say the lobby area on Level One of the convention centre has been designated for civil society organisations to express their views.

Those intending to get their voices heard will first have to be registered and accredited with the IMF and World Bank.

They also have to abide by very strict rules about their conduct.

Police will not hesitate to act against any misconduct.

What sort of civil society activites will be organised? Racial harmony aka orange ribbon? Courtesy campaigns? Speak good English? Or more sensitive civil matters such as human rights issue, sexuality issues? What's your take on the IMF event?
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New service guidelines for bus services; fines if standards not met
By Asha Popatlal, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 26 July 2006 1541 hrs

SINGAPORE: The Public Transport Council has revised the service guidelines for public buses to help ensure they meet specific standards, and with recent changes to the law, it will, for the first time, have the teeth to enforce compliance.

Service standards for buses have actually been in place since 1994.

The problem was they were route specific and there were no penalties if they were not complied with.

Bus commuters would identify with the main problems highlighted in a survey done by the Public Transport Council

Finally, actions followed PR words. I'm waiting to see how these guidelines will be enforced. No point setting guidelines, laws, and what-have-you regulations if they are not being enforced.
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